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Sixth Annual DeCoverly Reunion Picnic Set for Sept. 21

August 22nd, 2013

It is that time again!! The 6th annual DeCoverly Reunion Picnic will be held on Sept. 21, 2013, from 10 a.m. until whenever. We ask for donations of $25 to cover the cost of the caterer and the tents.  Please RSVP BY SEPT 15th with the how many people and how many dogs will be coming to

The schedule of events will be as follows:

10 am- 12 pm  –  Check in  and meet and greet

12 pm – Grooming demonstration

1 pm – Group Photo  ( No lunch til after group photo!!)

1:30 -3 pm – Lunch is served

3pm to 5pm? –  Training Demo and Q and A


DeCoverly Kennels manager sets food drive for pets

November 8th, 2012

DeCoverly Kennels and Bridget are in the news for a VERY successful pet food drive to benefit Oct 30 , 2012  NJ Superstorm Sandy victims

This is the Article reprinted Scranton Times Tribune , Scranton, Pa.

More than 20 years later, Bridget Bodine still remembers walking her dog, Raz, at Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., — his barks echoing over the noise created by the waves crashing at her feet.

It’s those childhood memories that motivated her to take action as she watched videos of the destroyed homes and flooded New Jersey streets in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

“I couldn’t just sit there and watch. It was painful,” said Ms. Bodine, the manager of DeCoverly Kennels in Lake Winola. “I couldn’t even recognize the places I used to walk as a kid.”

So, using her experience in the animal business to network, Ms. Bodine organized a fund drive to pay for pet food for displaced pets. Since Nov. 1, she has raised $4,100 — enough to purchase two tons of animal food.

On Monday, she will deliver the food to several New Jersey shelters, including the Monmouth and Ocean County Food Bank and the Toms River East Little League Volunteer Center.

“I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for all the support I have received,” Ms. Bodine said. “I think we really have enough to make a difference.”

After seeing the donations pour in, Ms. Bodine posted a message on the Facebook page titled “Severe New Jersey Weather,” asking if any organizations or shelters would be interested in distributing the food.

Within two hours she had a response.

“We wanted to jump on the opportunity,” said Lisa Fobian, a member of the Toms River East Little League board located in Toms River, N.J. “We are about five minutes away from the area that was hit the hardest and a lot of people and animals are displaced. This area needs all the help it can get.”

Last week, t he board opened the Little League’s indoor facility — normally reserved for baseball-related drills — and began distributing clothes, bedding, blankets, cleaning supplies, food and water.

Starting Monday, they’ll add dog food to their list — about 2,500 pounds of it.

“Food for animals can be easily overlooked at a time like this,” Ms. Fobian said. “But, in reality, people are hesitant to take in these displaced animals because they don’t have the money to feed them. This will certainly help.”

Ms. Bodine said she doesn’t know how many animals this donation will help feed, as it varies depending on the size of the dog. But she says even the smallest amount of dog food will go a long way toward saving animals’ lives.

“I’m just glad I can provide some help to people who are facing a very difficult time,” Ms. Bodine said. “I, for one, know the dogs can be like family members. Raz went everywhere with me.”

If interested in donating, contact Ms. Bodine by visiting www.decoverlykennels. com Contact the writer:, @miorfinoTT on Twitter

Join Us for the Fifth Annual DeCoverly Picnic

September 4th, 2012

Please join us for the 5th Annual DeCoverly Reunion Picnic to be held Saturday, Sept, 22 2012, 10 am -? Rain or shine.

The picnic will be catered, with tenting and seating for everyone and we ask for a $25 donation per person to defray costs. We will have a field with birds out, as we did last year,  where you can run your dogs. I am also working on having a professional photographer available for portraits andor field pictures. The shooting range will NOT be open this year as we are having a dog training seminar instead.

PLEASE RSVP for the picnic by early September, if possible, to

In conjunction with the picnic, we are also hosting a HUNTSMITH SEMINAR. Sharon Potter of TEAM HUNTSMITH will be the presenter. This is from Sharon:

“I’m thrilled to be invited to teach a pointing dog training seminar at DeCoverly Kennels this September! The seminar will cover the Silent Command System, developed by the Smith family, starting with Delmar, and continuing on with Rick and Ronnie Smith. During the weekend course, we’ll cover all the steps to lay a solid foundation for training a bird dog. There will be work on quartering and developing range, teaching steadiness via "whoa", working on both developing the natural retrieve and work on the table to teach the trained retrieve, and multiple opportunities to work on live birds, both pointing and honoring/backing.

While your dogs will gain a lot from this seminar, it’s the people…that’s you!…who will get the biggest benefit. You’ll learn how to think like your dog does, read their body language, and communicate with them in a way that is easy for them to understand…and you’ll be surprised at how rapidly they learn, once you learn to speak their language.

This weekend seminar is all "hands-on", with you working your own dog under my supervision. It’s fun, exciting, and full of information. Your dog will have a blast, and you’ll come away from the weekend as a better partner for your dog.”
Sharon Potter’s Website

The cost for the weekend seminar, Fri. evening, Sat. and Sun. is $400 for a handler and dog (spouse/child included), $50 for weekend Auditors (observation only) and $15 for Saturday-only auditors.

Reservations for the seminar are by paid-in-full only. Please let me know if you plan on attending via email and I will send you the form to fill out and to remit your tuition.

Lunch for non-reunion seminar-attending people will be $25 on Saturday. Sunday, we will have sandwiches and sodas for sale.

We are VERY excited to host this seminar and hope to have it be a great success!

Look forward to seeing everyone!!

A Visitor to the Kennels

January 27th, 2010

We had a visitor to the kennels over the holidays – Evan Phillippe – who manages the excellent outdoor sports blog Below the High-Water Mark.

Evan blogged about his experiences at the kennel:

“These are gorgeous dogs and everytime I visit the place it’s all I can do to resist throwing the credit card down and putting my name on the waiting list for a puppy.”

He also had an opportunity to take two DeCoverly setters out to hunt released chukar:

“Both dogs hunted beautifully, showing off their distinctly different styles, each getting the job done in their own way but with that unmistakable setter class, ingrained through generations of strong breeding and an unyielding drive to point something. It is always a privelege to walk up on one of these dogs when they are frozen solid as the winter ground they cover so efficiently.”

DeCoverly hunting dogs in the fieldWe appreciated Evan’s visit to the kennel and we’re glad he enjoyed hunting with DeCoverly setters. If you’d like to schedule your own visit to the kennels, email or call 570-378-3357.

Send us your Pictures

January 21st, 2010

At DeCoverly we’re proud of our dogs and we love to show them off – at home, in the field and throughout the long history of the Ryman line.

We also love to see our dogs as they leave our kennels and become a loyal member of your family. That’s why we’ve made it even easier for you to share you photos with us and for you to browse through photos from other DeCoverly owners and from our own collection.

Visit the DeCoverly Kennels Photostream on Flickr to view collections of our English Setter puppies, hunting dogs and more. And to submit a photo, just email it to and, after it’s approved by a member of the DeCoverly staff, it will go straight into the photostream.

Got a picture of your DeCoverly setter around the house? Send it in. A picture with your dog after a successful hunt? We’d love to see it!

Become A Fan on Facebook

December 2nd, 2009

DeCoverly Kennels FacebookIf you’re a fan of DeCoverly Kennels’ one-of-a-kind Ryman Dual Setters, let us know and become a fan of our Facebook page.

We share DeCoverly news, photos and more through our page. It offers another opportunity for us to interact with owners of our DeCoverly Kennels English Setters and the page helps create a network of DeCoverly owners. So become a fan today!

What is the DeCoverly Difference?

November 13th, 2009

The DeCoverly Difference is all about our English Setters and the development they receive.   See the original base of the DeCoverly bloodline came directly from the Ryman Kennel. This base was a select group of 30 breeding quality Ryman Setters.  As a result of this, the Dual English Setters we are working with today are of the finest stock.

Our developmental approach to raising and training Setters is another key component of the DeCoverly Difference.  Our approach is not that of forcing training on a dog, but one which aims to allow our Setters the ability to truly learn their craft in a supportive environment.  In fact, the instincts, intelligence, and desire to please of a well-bred Gentleman’s Shooting Dog, when developed through a relationship with a human partner, allow the best things to happen.

Furthermore, our socialization program has been designed from the start to make sure each puppy has the correct exposure to humans and the outside world.  In this program we evaluate individual personalities and then work to shut down the more aggressive ones and pull up any shy puppies.  Also included in this program is how the English Setter puppies are worked for dominance behavior.

Collectively, these all contribute to the DeCoverly Difference and guides which puppies we will keep from a given litter to be evaluated for breeding.

Are all DeCoverly English Setters Perfect Hunting Dogs?

November 11th, 2009

The answer is no!  To have world class English Setter proper training is required.  To achieve this, DeCoverly Kennels trains its English Setter puppies from a very early age so that they develop into the hunting dogs you have all come to know and love.  The basic training programs and options we provide to all of our Setter pups are as follows:

  • Ealry Puppy Socialization and Evaluation Program
  • Continuous Juvenile Dog Training Program
  • Started Dog Program

Please refer to our website to learn more about our development process.

Why are DeCoverly English Setters Excellent Hunting Dogs?

November 4th, 2009

At DeCoverly Kennels we selectively breed in the Ryman tradition for Dual English Setters which focuses on natural hunting instincts as well as a correct physical appearance in accordance with the breed standard.  These instincts are comprised of scenting ability, intelligence to learn how to handle birds, and pointing instinct.    Our English Setters will not just go running off in an effort to break the bird.  In fact, an English Setter from DeCoverly Kennels has such an ideal temperament, that it is able to maintain its cool until it “sets” the bird.  It then waits patiently for the gun.  Talk about a Gentlemen’s Shooting Dog!

What is a DeCoverly Dual English Setter?

November 2nd, 2009

Our Dual English Setters stem from the legendary kennel of George Ryman.  These English setters are not like other Setters.  They carry the label “Dual” because of their astonishingly complementary makeup which allows for an uncanny hunting ability, as well as an amazing  physical appearance and structure.  Furthering the desirable traits of these English Setters is the fact that they have wonderful personality and temperament, which makes them very suitable as pets as well.